Show Host of the Week: Rachel Rowan

Bulls Radio Show Host Rachel Rowan describes her show, Afternoon Delight, as her “Baby Brain Child”.  The now one year-old show originally began as a platform for Rachel to give her take on the news a comedic spin, inspired by comedians such as John Oliver and John Stewart. After time however she realized it can be a bummer to report

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Show Host of the Week: Deprina Godboldo

“I used to party a lot,” Bulls Radio Show Host Deprina Godboldo admits candidly while explaining the history of her hit show, ‘The Pri Party’. Deprina says she was always the pre-game host; always the one to welcome friends into her home and get them hyped for their upcoming night out. It was a tradition that inspired the name and

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Show Hosts of the Week: Hump Day Hype

Show Hosts of the Week: Abby Jackson and Cassidy Edwards from Hump Day Hype There’s a reason we listen to talk radio: personality. The show hosts often sound like friends of our own, people we’d want to hang out with… And it can be hard to find. But sometimes, you do. That’s what’s happened with show hosts Abby Jackson and

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Show Host of the Week: Sydney Demps and Angelicia Brevard

There is a show on Bulls Radio that doesn’t sugar coat itself. “We give our honest opinions.” Sydney Demps, a junior studying Mass Comm, and Angelicia Brevard, a senior studying Psychology, co-host Mainly Music, every Tuesday at 7 PM. And the title of the show is pretty self-explanatory, they joke. From Bleachers to Yeezy himself, the hosts believe in variety.

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Show Host of the Week: Julio Miller from Metalstorm

Written by Katie Lamont Every Tuesday at 5 PM, on Bulls Radio, the airwaves change. A crisp sound, a familiar one for some, but ultimately something new for most, new for the radio station itself: Metalstorm, hosted by Julio Miller, is Bulls Radio’s only metal radio show, paying tribute to all varieties of the genre. Whether it’s Slayer,

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Show Host of the Week: Nick Lovera From The Nick Lovera Show

Written By Katie Lamont Every Monday evening at 7 pm, a voice takes over Bulls Radio that knows what he’s talking about. It’s Nick Lovera, a senior graduating in December studying Mass Communications, on for the hour talking all things sports. And the New Yorker (you can tell straightaway from his pride in all things Jets, Giants and Yankees related)

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Show Host of the Week: Daniel Perry from Talk Di Tings

Written by Katie Lamont It was a hot evening in the summer of 2014. Daniel Perry and his friends were just hanging out, when the idea struck them. “Yo, we should try and make a live radio show.” The rest is history. Perry, also known as DJ DannyP, graduates in May with a Bachelor’s in Health Sciences, is just one

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Written by Katie Lamont Eric Blake isn’t shy about sharing what’s on his mind. The show host, a graduating this semester with a masters in Film Studies, can be heard talking politics on his show “Avengers of America” or rocking out to likes of Elvis Presley and The Temptations on his second show “Friday Night Fever”. Friday Night Fever

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Written by Katie Lamont Dreamy and quite fitting for a night drive, Chillectricity is the music show on Bulls Radio that provides something different in ways that challenge not only the listener to expand their musical boundaries, but even show host DJ Hotwax, aka, Adam Keilbach. The senior and Mass Communications Production Sequence major, has hosted the indie pop/synth pop/dream

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Show Host of the Week: Garrett Strobel from Exact Change

Written by Katie Lamont The name for Exact Change has a double-meaning. If you have it in a situation, you’re creating a change. Or maybe it’s just when you get the 2 for $1 pies at Save-A-Lot. Either way, host Garrett Strobel, a senior studying Advertising in the school of Mass Communications, says that his show isn’t just for well-versed

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