Slime Girls – January 22nd, 2017 – Bulls Radio Concert Review

Written by Jake Sillman Imagine an evening, nay, a night, rather, straight out of Poe: dark and stormy, the works. You’re behind in your schoolwork, your friends are nowhere to be found, it’s getting late, your mother is telling you to stay in and heed the tornado warning. These are all signs pointing south, for most of us who aren’t

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Written by Adam Keilbach In an age where music festivals are trying to be more and more inclusive, awkwardly shoehorning in so many ideas and acts that they appeal to everyone and no one simultaneously, Moogfest is one festival that knows its audience and doesn’t need to pander. Its first time being held in the rising tech town of Durham,

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Hoodie Allen – March 11th, 2016 – Bulls Radio Concert Review

Written by Elizabeth Stafford After multiple instances of disappointment due to sold out tours, I finally scored a ticket (and a press pass) to see Hoodie Allen. Ever since I heard his single “No Faith in Brooklyn”, I was hooked to his music and style. Hoodie Allen is not just some typical white rapper guy. He creatively and successfully mixes

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Sweet Crude (Gasparilla Music Festival) – March 12th, 2015 – Bulls Radio Concert Review

Written by Jackson Cardarelli Hailing from New Orleans, this seven-piece band evokes the huge presence of other bands who perform in large numbers. In particular, the quirky grandeur of Arcade Fire and tUnE-yArDs resembles Sweet Crude’s ability to move an audience. And by move, I mean emotionally and in dance fashion. The heartbeat of any good dance party is a

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Mr. Tommy (Gasparilla Music Festival) – March 12th, 2015 – Bulls Radio Concert Review

Written by Jackson Cardarelli A lot of sensible adults advise to never stop being a kid. The unrefined youthful energy of leaping around in bounds left me sometime in High School. But one of Gasparilla Music Festival 2016’s very first performers channeled this joy and shared it generously with his family audience. “Hey, hey, skip to my Lou, skip to my

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Moogfest – May 19th-22nd, 2016 – Bulls Radio Music Festival Preview

Written by Adam Keilbach Moogfest 2016 Write-Up Durham, North Carolina is home to this year’s installment of Moogfest, a 3 day festival in honor of Robert Moog, musician, engineer, and designer of the landmark Moog synthesizer. Moogfest’s lineup is devoted to the world of innovative electronic music both past and present, and those who are inspired by it. From May

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Alt-J – September 30th, 2015 – Bulls Radio Concert Review

Written by Taylor Daum Alt-j? For true fans of the group or computer nerds you mean delta, right? Alt-J is responsible for some of the smoothest, minimal alternative noise rock to come out of England. With their discography remaining solid with two albums “An awesome wave” and “This is all yours”. Gwil Sainsbury (guitar/bass), Joe Newman (guitar/lead vocals), Gus Unger-

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Kung Fu – December 12th, 2015 – Bulls Radio Concert Review

Written by Bertram Nicke Who: Holey Miss Moley and Kung Fu When: December 12, 2015 Where: Crowbar Ybor City, Tampa, FL How: Moon Goddess Entertainment LLC What: Preconceived Notions: Jam Music, A Summary of the Night’s Event Through the Eyes of Bertram Nicke and Tom Baumlin, Crowbar Venue Review, Holey Miss Moley Performance Review, Kung Fu Performance Review, Conclusion Preconceived Notions: Jam Music “How about this

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EDC Orlando – November 6th and 7th, 2015 – Bulls Radio Concert Review

Written by Elizabeth Stafford When I first signed up to volunteer at EDC, I felt slightly intimidated. I have seen so many videos, pictures, and Vines of intense EDM environments like the one EDC offers. I was nervous to go because I wasn’t sure if I could handle the intensity but as I watched video after video, I couldn’t help

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Death Grips – October 8th, 2015- Bulls Radio Concert Review

Written by Taylor Daum Often praised as the boldest and darkest thing to happen to music or one of the worst memes and music PR’s in music history, Death Grips has left an impression on music fans as a whole, and seeing it in person is not the same as reading it on the internet. Tell me if this sounds

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