Fool of Fate by Fool of Fate – Bulls Radio Album Review

Written by  Bertram Nicke

Impossible to Ignore Preconceived Notions:

I was asked to review this. They are from Colorado Springs, which is where I graduated high school. Cool. They implement flamenco elements. This beautiful Venezuelan girl I know does flamenco dancing. I can dig it.


Judging a book by its cover:

The CD case is just a standard envelope thing which is probably common for up and coming artists. Track listings all check out as something fairly cool and not pretentious. “Along The Way,” “All That in Time,” “A New Way,” all sound like we are about to embark on an existential trip. We are.


Stories from listening time:

I listened to this all week as I delivered food on the night shift post classes. All over Temple Terrace, Fools of Fate asks “Will we ever find the simple life?” Good question. Is delivering food the simple life? Is sleeping on couches, going to school, scraping ends meet financially the simple life? Or will I ever find it? All good questions.


What’s good Bert? Tell me please:

Different musical elements are weaved very nicely into the music. Flamenco and folk are very well represented that provides a unique sound. The lyrics bring up deep questions about the human condition that I don’t think will ever get answered. I can dig that.

If you are judging what it sounds like based off of previous music, it reminds me of late 90’s early 2000’s rock that my dad and cousins listen to. Reminds me a bit of Chris Cornell projects like Soundgarden and Audioslave, Staind, Dave Matthews Band, etc… The folk and flamenco make it unique to those, but that was my snap judgement.


What’s bad Bert? Don’t tell me:

I think the modern popular rock scene is just as bad as modern pop music and almost as bad as the albatross that is radio country. I have shifted my tastes far from this genre. I do not listen all that much to rock. Fools of Fate is good but I had to shift my pallette back to when I was younger and worshipped my dad unlike now where I merely just love my dad.


What it sounds like:

Like your dad pulling out a guitar to impress your friends and surprises even you with how philosophical his lyrics are.


Add this to your playlist:

Where We Are, A New Way


Give me a number:

7.0 Harbaugh’s out of 10


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