Show Host of the Week: Garrett Strobel from Exact Change

Written by Katie Lamont

The name for Exact Change has a double-meaning. If you have it in a situation, you’re creating a change.

Or maybe it’s just when you get the 2 for $1 pies at Save-A-Lot.

Either way, host Garrett Strobel, a senior studying Advertising in the school of Mass Communications, says that his show isn’t just for well-versed people in hardcore culture.

“It’s just as much for a guy who has been going to shows for 10 years as someone who has heard zero songs.”

The punk/hardcore music hour has been on Bulls Radio for over 2 years, though Strobel’s love for the genre started years ago, when he just 13 or 14 and first attending live shows. From small venues, to churches, Strobel was wherever bands were playing.

His passion transcends onto the radio airwaves too, be it through The Ramones or Hated Youth. Strobel aims to musically educate and expand other’s musical taste. And through the simple “if you’re into this, you might want to check out this smaller band” line and the belief that he’s providing an equal opportunity for anyone to learn, the conversational vibe of the show is easily explained. He also notes that variety is key.

“I play a wide spectrum of music; all over over the world… different eras too.”

Sadly, Exact Change has just three shows to go, as Strobel graduates from USF this fall. But he admits he will miss the vibe at Bulls Radio.

“It’s just super friendly; everyone gets along regardless of interests.”

His post-graduation plans? To jump on tour with his own band, Sick of Talk, to Washington D.C., which he’s both “nervous and excited” for. But, the show host’s legacy will live on, thankfully, as he’s recorded his previous shows (you can listen to them here (insert

And yes… Strobel always tips to exact change.

Catch the last three shows of Exact Change on Thursday’s from 4 to 5 pm on Bulls Radio.

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