Demo by Firewalker – Bulls Radio Album Review

Written by Garrett Strobel (of Exact Change Radio)

This 5-track demo comes from Firewalker, a brand new, rippin’ band out of Boston, Massachusetts. They just played their first show on September 21st, 2015 with G.L.O.S.S., Leather Daddy, DAME and Gas Station Girls. Between that gig and this demo, Firewalker has already garnered a ton of attention.

The stripped down sound and songwriting in the demo harkens to some rather recent Youth Attack bands such as Vile Gash or Hoax, but keeps up with contemporaries like Beach Impediment Records’ Mercy Killings or Gas Rag. Beyond being readily lumped in with modern bands, Firewalker takes influence from more aged, aggressive NYC bands, as if they carefully studied the faster, grittier guitar work produced by The Abused or Breakdown. Much like Shrapnel from the UK, Firewalker has some riffs that sound like they were taken right from Breakdown’s Runnin’ Scared Demo… possibly because they are! On top of all that, the vocalist Sophie sounds like a graveled, youthful reconstruction of how John Brannon from Negative Approach sounds today.

Looking past all the musical comparisons old and new, Firewalker provides a demo that is lyrically refreshing, addressing topics from a perspective that demands to be heard. It challenges the ideas of who is “in charge” in the hardcore punk scene today and what type of behavior and attitudes should be kicked to the curb.

I recommend this quick listen for any fans of any of the bands mentioned above. You can check out the full demo stream as well as Failure Records, the record label that is distributing copies of the demo, at the links below.

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