Written by Katie Lamont

Dreamy and quite fitting for a night drive, Chillectricity is the music show on Bulls Radio that provides something different in ways that challenge not only the listener to expand their musical boundaries, but even show host DJ Hotwax, aka, Adam Keilbach. The senior and Mass Communications Production Sequence major, has hosted the indie pop/synth pop/dream pop/electronic/downtown/chill music show for a year at the station. And it is no surprise he aims to not limiting Chillectricity to one genre.

“I want to just take it all and give it an audience.”

But DJ Hotwax, whose name comes from a Beck song (he was listening to a lot of Beck at the time), wasn’t always so emerged in the music scene. In fact, prior to his music appreciation class and a classmate who’d rattled off a list of bands he’d never heard of, DJ Hotwax generally only listened to about three artists. But, with the recommendations from his classmate, he dove in deep and found the genre in the midst of it truly taking off.

“I have her to thank,” the show host half-joked.

No matter how he ended up loving the genre, it is clear he does with his enthusiasm to get the music out to audiences who are open-minded like himself. And that is perhaps the most unique trait in the DJ, who is constantly searching for new music and challenging himself with artists and songs he hasn’t heard before.

“That’s the first step,” he admitted. “Accepting that there’s more out there.”

The show, with its variety and overall relaxing vibe, aims to be multipurpose. Be it be something to do homework to, or simply play in the background, if something catches your attention and makes your ears perk up… Chillectricity has done its job. And the show aims to ease, rather than necessarily please, in a different sense of the word.

“If you’re looking for top 40, this isn’t the show to listen to.”

But don’t let that dissuade you from tuning in. From artists like Collarbones and HTRK, the bands won’t be household names, but they certainly might be after hearing them. DJ Hotwax highlights originality, which he likes over anything in music. And with that, he offers that listeners “come in with an open mind” and truly experience stepping outside their musical comfort zone.

It’s a tall order, but once you hear the show host’s weekly setlists, it makes sense why he praises the unique sound. So what is DJ Hotwax’s suggestion for a small taste of the show? Wild Nothing’s “Paradise”.

Paradise is the only way to describe it.

Tune in for the musical exploration every Tuesday at 6 PM on Bulls Radio and find all of Chillectricity’s previous shows here:

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