Jazzrapt by Jazzraptor – Bulls Radio Album Review

Written by Bertram Nicke


Impossible to Ignore Preconceived Notions:

I picked it because the cover had dinosaurs playing instruments.


Judging a Book by its Cover:

As mentioned above, the cover has various cartoon dinosaurs merrily enjoying playing musical instruments. Hilarious. I have a soft spot for dinosaurs and the first memory of my cousin Stephen was him stalking around a McDonald’s play place like a raptor and thinking he was the coolest thing ever.

The song titles have nothing cringeworthy so that is always a plus. It has some cliche jazz (did I mention that I am guessing it is jazz music) titles like “Cats Got Nine,” “Bohemian Soul,” and “The Shy Ones.”


Funny Stories from Listening:

I am in the car with two of my friends with this CD on. My friend Cassandra goes “This is really good, it sounds like Michael Buble.” CRINNNNGE.

My other friend Thomas says “It sounds more like George Michael.” Oh yes there it is. If you have ever spoken to me about George Michael, you know that I consider him the king of all music. So sit back and let me review this because

I will be your father figure

(Oh baby)

Put your tiny hand in mine

(I’d love to)

I will be your preacher teacher

(Be your daddy)

Anything you have in mind

(It would make me)

I will be your father figure

(Very happy)

I have had enough of crime

(Please let me)

I will be the one who loves you

‘Til the end of time


What’s good Bert? Please tell me:

Jack Foster III has a very good crooning voice. Michael Buble is an apt comparison despite my general disdain for that horrifying “Just Haven’t Met You Yet” song. He has a bit of the George Michael darkness in his voice which is crucial to the successful sound in the album. I am not anointing Jack Foster III the new king but he certainly produces a respectful George Michael tribute.  “The Shy Ones” is a very good representation of that, talking about the shy ones “lost in the loneliness they live.” Yeah that is pretty deep. Most of the songs have some really good and well thought out lyrics.

Oh my god the guy playing the flute can play. It’s like Ron Burgundy trying to impress Veronica Corningstone. “One Dark Angel,” another brooding standout, has a flute solo that is making me blush thinking about it.

My favorite song on the album, “Ginger Daffodil,” is an upbeat contrast to the moody lounge jazz. The spectrum on JazzRapt is fairly broad for jazz that I am used to. Good stuff. I don’t want to get too emotionally attached though because

I’ve got to think twice

Before I give my heart away

And I know all the games you play

Because I play them too


What’s bad Bert? Don’t tell me:

It’s not George Michael. Sometimes we fly too close to the sun and get compared to Icarus.


What it sounds like:

Like a 3 armed Michael Buble or a no armed George Michael

Add this to your playlist:

“Ginger Daffodil” “Hanging Around” “One Dark Angel” “The Shy Ones”


Give me a number:

8.5 Harbaugh’s out of 10


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