Written by Katie Lamont

Eric Blake isn’t shy about sharing what’s on his mind.

The show host, a graduating this semester with a masters in Film Studies, can be heard talking politics on his show “Avengers of America” or rocking out to likes of Elvis Presley and The Temptations on his second show “Friday Night Fever”.


Friday Night Fever came around as almost a continuum of the show “The Old-Time Rock & Rock Show” hosted by Steve Shuey. Eric wanted to bring the energy and humor that Steve did onto Bulls Radio after the show graduated with Steve in tow, and thus, Friday Night Fever was born. The show tackles not only the sounds of the oldies, but blends the “geek” world to it, as Eric covers everything from Star Trek to Marvel to video games.


“It’s the blend of old classic-rock energy with the whole “geek” charm.”


And energy is important to Eric. He is strong believer in the idea that show hosts have to love what they do, be proud of it and have fun while doing it. The show host, who came to USF in the fall of 2010, believes that if you have fun, the audience has fun.


“If you give energy, the audience takes it in.”


But, he advises to not second-guess yourself when it comes to what you’re bringing as a show host.


“They listen to you for you–the “you” that you provide through the mike.”


And with that, Eric takes the memories of not only his conservative talk radio show, “Avengers of America”, but the upbeat energetic and “nerdy” news of “Friday Night Fever” as well, with him as his leaves the station as he graduates this weekend.


“It won’t be the same anywhere else.”

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