Demarkation by Opium Denn – Bulls Radio Album Review

Written by Bertram Nicke


Impossible to Ignore Preconceived Notions:

I’ve always wanted to visit a seedy Chinese opium den. And not participate. You know, for the cultural experience. Not for the drugs. Never for the drugs.


Judging a book by its cover:

I chose the CD because I thought it looked mysterious. No song titles are listed. The cover is pitch black other than the word Opium Denn on the top, Demarkation on the bottom, and a strip across the top of Demarkation. All of them had the same color scheme: pictures of abstract imagery like dollar bills and stuff that I can’t quite make out.

It looked mysterious and I was in the mood for a surprise.


Stories from listening time:

I was a month younger than when I write right now. A month ago I was a boy. Today, I am a man.


What’s good Bert? Tell me please:

It incorporates many different rock elements. It’s like a modern amalgamation of Pink Floyd, 80’s hair music, The Doors, and modern rock.


What’s bad Bert? Don’t tell me:

It never sounds original to me. If I listen to rock, I want it to go off the deep end a bit. Get f#$@$ing crazy. I feel the sound is incredibly safe compared to it’s inspirations. “So Many Faces” is a meta-lyrical song but it never feels like you feel the existential pain. The lead singer sounds how you would imagine a rock lead would. The music sounds like how you would imagine rock to sound. Except something is missing. Music is supposed to inspire and create dreams, not sound like how you would imagine it already.

That being said, it isn’t terrible. It just isn’t memorable.


What it sounds like:

You asked to be killed with a samurai sword but they brought a butter knife. Here you thought you would have a glorious exit. Instead everyone just wishes it was over so they can move on.


Add this to your playlist:

I Am a Feeling


Give me a number:

5.0 Harbaugh’s out of 10


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