Alt-J – September 30th, 2015 – Bulls Radio Concert Review

Written by Taylor Daum
Alt-j? For true fans of the group or computer nerds you mean delta, right?

Alt-J is responsible for some of the smoothest, minimal alternative noise rock to come out of

England. With their discography remaining solid with two albums “An awesome wave” and

“This is all yours”. Gwil Sainsbury (guitar/bass), Joe Newman (guitar/lead vocals), Gus Unger-

Hamilton (keyboards/vocals) and Thom Green (drums) joined up in Orlando to sell out the Hard

Rock café at City Walk, right next to the screams of terror from Halloween Horror nights with

their own screams from joyous fans ranging from teens to adults. Clearly rock and roll has not

died and has only grown and joined different generations of music fans.

Opening for Alt-j was a band named San Fermin, who at first sounded inspired by Alt-j with a

similar sound and the clash of a female lead singer and male singer as well. However after a few

songs it was easy to see that San Fermin packs a lot of energy and a loose vide with the stitching of

jazz, rock and huge vocals from the female lead singer. Her reaches of high pitches and slow,

lush voices almost puts you into hypnosis. Lashing against these vocals were some aggressive and electrifying Horn

solos, including some by a Saxophone which carried a lot of the songs. This great clash of vocals that

belong in pop music and instrumentals that can be seen in Smokey jazz clubs was a great push of

some fresh takes on alternative music. I will say that the male singer delivered better lyrics when

they were forming a chorus, but beyond that he comes off as generic with his delivery, sounding like

a lot of modern-day pop country singer.

Finally, Alt-j somber onto the stage quietly and collectively, however the cheers from the

crowed seemed like they flew in from the ceiling. Alt-j is known for some slow and catchy

songs, with instrumentals and vocals so catchy that it’s like candy, getting stuck between your

teeth and never leaving. However in their live performance they managed to keep that same

consistency and instrumental talent with a huge, booming sound and energy. This makes their songs

seem like giant ballads that stick with the listener.

Their onstage persona is not heavily focused on their celebrity, instead it seems more into the effect on

the audience which the music has, maintaining a focus on the music. Rarely would the band members speak, but

when they did it was to create hype and to thank their fans for support.

The overall stage design was a huge focus for setting the mood for songs. There were these

huge TV panels that all synced to create an array of colors that flooded the stage and venue. At

times the amount of colors and noise was overpowering, but would then take a step back and slow

down with a booming hypnotic vibe.

Alt-j is an experimental rock group to be reckoned with. While they may not pack a huge punch

with their volume or attitude there is an overall style and lush force that is met when

seeing and hearing the performance. It fits the tone of their albums, which would come close to

being as abstract and fluid as a dream.
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