Show Host of the Week: Daniel Perry from Talk Di Tings

Written by Katie Lamont

It was a hot evening in the summer of 2014. Daniel Perry and his friends were just hanging out, when the idea struck them. “Yo, we should try and make a live radio show.” The rest is history.

Perry, also known as DJ DannyP, graduates in May with a Bachelor’s in Health Sciences, is just one of the many faces of Bulls Radio’s Sunday night talk show, Talk Di Tings. He, along with Sunil Collins, Josh Fray, Dale “DJ VI Hustla” Carrington and Christina Williamson host the Caribbean radio show that is the “most authentic”, DannyP gives his word on that. They group aims to give listeners a different perspective and look into the culture that so many love.

“We love what we do,” DannyP smiles.

Talk Di Tings airs from 9 to 11 pm and talks mainly about the life being a Caribbean student in the United States, with most of its cast born and raised in Jamaica specifically. They pride themselves in providing listeners with a view of stories, real life issues we all grapple with like relationships, with their Caribbean roots as the guidance. DannyP points out that so many Americans haven’t ever left the States, and therefore “view things in a totally different light”. DannyP himself actually entered the country in 2008 for high school, then found himself between Florida and Oregon with an offer to play football.

Luckily, he chose USF, to be closer to his family, but also because he just loves Florida. The former footballer, due to an unfortunate back injury he was taken of the roster, presses that “everything happens for a reason”. And it’s hard to argue when post back surgery, the Bulls Radio host found himself becoming just that: a radio show host. Talk Di Tings made its way onto Bulls Radio in October of 2014, though it had previously gotten its start from the hosts themselves online.

Closing out the packed week of shows on Bulls Radio, Talk Di Tings aims to make listeners feel like they’re in the studio with the hosts and ultimately have a good time “the Caribbean way”. And with a culture that is appreciated by so many, it’s no surprise why the show is so popular.

“We’re THE Caribbean radio show.”

Their slogan couldn’t be more true.

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