Show Host of the Week: Nick Lovera From The Nick Lovera Show

Written By Katie Lamont

Every Monday evening at 7 pm, a voice takes over Bulls Radio that knows what he’s talking about. It’s Nick Lovera, a senior graduating in December studying Mass Communications, on for the hour talking all things sports. And the New Yorker (you can tell straightaway from his pride in all things Jets, Giants and Yankees related) may tend to be a little outspoken, but you can blame that mostly on his passion.

“It’s not just a hobby–this is something I’ve worked towards.”

Lovera, who transferred from FSU to take advantage of Tampa’s active media market, tries to avoid the idea of regenerating, a problem many sports talk shows succumb to. Rather, he gives his take and is quite willing and able to spark a debate. And though the former baseball player could pick favorites, he notes that when it comes to the show “nothing’s off limits”. From NASCAR to golf, Lovera watches it all.

And that’s another reason Lovera has an edge over other sports talk shows: he watches a lot. That could explain his ideas and thoughts that give him more variety and versatility when discussing the latest in sports news. The Nick Lovera Show started last fall and, thanks to the indiivudalility of the show, has been growing steadily. His tactic of taking the best elements of the industry and applying them directly to his show have proven that radio comes naturally for Lovera. And whether the stories are big or small, they’re ultimately part of the conversation, which the show host is always up to have.

“You want to be authentic.”

And that’s just what Lovera is.

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