Show Host of the Week: Julio Miller from Metalstorm



Written by Katie Lamont

Every Tuesday at 5 PM, on Bulls Radio, the airwaves change. A crisp sound, a familiar one for some, but ultimately something new for most, new for the radio station itself: Metalstorm, hosted by Julio Miller, is Bulls Radio’s only metal radio show, paying tribute to all varieties of the genre.

Whether it’s Slayer, one of Miller’s favorite band’s of all time, or Hate Forest, the show host is eager to spread the perhaps underappreciated genre with the audience. A guitar player himself, Miller originally got his start with radio occasionally coming onto the former punk show, Exact Change, and adding a metal track or two to the mix. After a bit, the occasionally guest spot, turned into his own show. And with the small push from a former show host, Metalstorm kicked off in fall 2015.

“I think it’s something that’s a bit misunderstood,” Miller, a junior studying history, says. “People give metal kind of a bad rap, and I think by listening to the show you might get a better idea of what it’s really all about.”

In fact, the show host himself got a taste of the music from his own father, who initiated a trade when Miller was just 12 years old: his father would pay for guitar lessons, if he were to start listening to certain bands. And with that, Miller was sold. He started with the accessible bands like Iron Maiden, and worked himself into a cycle: the more metal he listened to, the more he wanted to play guitar… and the more guitar he played, well, the more metal he wanted to listen to.

It’s clear that passion has only grown since. Miller explains easily that there is a “range of emotion” with the genre and its versatility is key as well. And as for the show itself? The host knows that the right playlist is key, but moreover, there’s often lots to share with the audience as metal bands have interesting stories and he has no qualms about getting into the background of the bands. Perhaps that is what gives the show its edge, its heart. And that’s what Bulls Radio is about.

Metalstorm is hoping in future for live bands to visit, more interviews, but ultimately, to keep the metal genre alive and well on air.

“It’s just the most sonically interesting music that you could listen to really.” Miller says proudly. “It breaks a lot of barriers.”  



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