Show Host of the Week: Sydney Demps and Angelicia Brevard

There is a show on Bulls Radio that doesn’t sugar coat itself.

“We give our honest opinions.”

Sydney Demps, a junior studying Mass Comm, and Angelicia Brevard, a senior studying Psychology, co-host Mainly Music, every Tuesday at 7 PM. And the title of the show is pretty self-explanatory, they joke. From Bleachers to Yeezy himself, the hosts believe in variety. But… they definitely aren’t afraid to state their opinions.

“We’ll stop a song in the middle of it because it’s really bad,” Demps admits.

As they should; the two music-lovers, both clearly passionate about their favorites but the craft in general, have been running the show for about a year now and while Brevard’s imminent graduation date slowly approaching, Demps hopes that the show will continue. Brevard warns her though that she can’t have another co-host.

This banter continues between the two of them, and that could be reason enough to turn into the hour of Mainly Music. Yes, you tune in for the collection of songs, but you stay for the witty and dry humor that Demps and Brevard easily sling towards one another. Their friendship is honest and while their similar music taste units them, they readily admit that there is an extreme difference in opinions.

“Listen for the music and for the chance to discover new music, or to listen to people argue,” Demps shrugs.

Brevard nods, relating their chemistry to that of a reality TV show, with emphasis on the word conflict. A few seconds later, the co-hosts burst into laughter.

And that in itself, is Mainly Music.

Listen in Tuesdays at 7, only on Bulls Radio.

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