Hoodie Allen – March 11th, 2016 – Bulls Radio Concert Review

Written by Elizabeth Stafford

After multiple instances of disappointment due to sold out tours, I finally scored a ticket (and a press pass) to see Hoodie Allen. Ever since I heard his single “No Faith in Brooklyn”, I was hooked to his music and style. Hoodie Allen is not just some typical white rapper guy. He creatively and successfully mixes sung vocals and rap with catchy melodies. Before the show, I had heard nothing but good things about his live show and knew I was in for a real treat. I left completely amazed and satisfied with the show, and in all honesty, I completely underestimated his abilities.

Since the crowd was largely young middle school children, I was a bit skeptical about the show. However, Hoodie quickly shut down any doubts I had in the first minute of being onstage. He knew how to charge up the crowd in a charismatic and interactive way, constantly engaging fans and creating energy. Not too long ago Hoodie released his “Happy Camper” album and played a handful of songs from that. He also mixed in some songs from older albums such as “People Keep Talking” and “All American”, giving a taste of some throwback for the younger fans in the crowd. Also included in the show was the throwing of cakes brought by fans and Hoodie surfing through the crowd on a raft. Orlando was not messing around when it came to this sold out show. Hoodie, the band members, and the crowd came to party and made sure they shook the venue from the inside.

During the show, there wasn’t a moment I found myself not smiling. Aside from his obvious talent and skill, Hoodie Allen never ceased to go above and beyond for his fans. It’s difficult these days to find artists who genuinely appreciate every single fan and interactions with them. I could clearly see the immense love Hoodie has for his fans and that spoke to me more than anything. He truly made everyone feel at home and like we were on the journey with him. Whether it’s posting pictures with fans or taking time to tweet back, his humility always impresses me. So if Hoodie is ever near you, I would HIGHLY suggest to grab a ticket to his show as quickly as possible. It’s nothing short of an amazing experience.

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