Show Hosts of the Week: Hump Day Hype

Show Hosts of the Week: Abby Jackson and Cassidy Edwards from Hump Day Hype

There’s a reason we listen to talk radio: personality. The show hosts often sound like friends of our own, people we’d want to hang out with… And it can be hard to find. But sometimes, you do.

That’s what’s happened with show hosts Abby Jackson and Cassidy Edwards, both seniors studying Public Relations, with their weekly talk show: Hump Day Hype. Abby’s love for radio and talking brought her to the station and recruiting Cassidy to join was no feat; the duo are best friends for a reason. Their current events show aims to be interactive and interesting, from the mainstream news to their segment “Random Ramble” where anything goes. The sorority sisters/roommates like to keep it relatable and helpful, offering tips on relevant topics and overall adding some pep for Wednesdays that often lag.

“I think topics we feel passionate about make for a great show,” Abby notes while Cassidy adds, “Also, I think the chemistry between us too… if it lacks, then people seem uninterested. If we just flow, then it seems more engaging.”

And the show hosts definitely are just that. Their relaxed vibes are perfect for radio, making listeners feel like they’re hanging out in the studio with the girls, just talking. And the variety of content keeps the show going, alongside music breaks that range anywhere from Taylor Swift to Empire of the Sun to 80’s hits. “We want to branch out to a bunch of different groups of people.”

With Abby set to graduation in May and Cassidy set for December, the show hosts hope that the show will continue onward, perhaps after recruiting two new personalities. But either way, the newbies will have big shoes to fill.

Hump Day Hype, who got its name due to Abby’s love for alliteration, airs every Wednesday at 5 pm only on Bulls Radio.

You can follow them on Twitter @HumpDay_Hype and find them on Instagram @humpdayhype to stay updated as well!

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