Written by Sydney Demps

Madison Daley is a fierce and passionate singer songwriter from the heart of Tampa, though she currently lives in Denver Colorado where she’s pursuing a degree in Music Business. She recently released “And Since We’re Being Honest”, a 10-song album that stays true to its name, delivering raw and powerful lyrics accompanied by an authentic acoustic sound. The album features vocals from Daley as well as her talents on the guitar, piano, and ukulele. We begin with Montage, a beautiful reminder to live life in the moment, in which Daley’s voice carries passion without breaking in a manner reminiscent of Alabama Shakes’ Brittany Howard. The lyricism featured within “And Since we’re Being Honest” is universally understood by the misunderstood, with Daley connecting to real world issues experienced by today’s youth culture without beating around the bush. This can be heard clearly in the album’s second track “Listen to me Whine” which features potentially the most relatable lyric I’ve ever heard in my 21 years of life: “I’ve been wearing the same clothes for over a week, and all I really wanna do is get some sleep, but my apartment has turned in to a garbage heap, well such is the life of a messy queen.” The album wraps up with “The Honest Song” where Daley breaks out the ukulele and delivers a fun and bouncy conclusion to an overall poignant and meaningful work of art. I highly recommend checking out Daley’s work, I know Bulls Radio will definitely be adding some of her work into our rotation soon.

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