Show Host of the Week: Deprina Godboldo

“I used to party a lot,” Bulls Radio Show Host Deprina Godboldo admits candidly while explaining the history of her hit show, ‘The Pri Party’. Deprina says she was always the pre-game host; always the one to welcome friends into her home and get them hyped for their upcoming night out. It was a tradition that inspired the name and content of her now 1-year-old radio show.

Godboldo’s passion for music is clear, as she struggles to name just one artist as her main inspiration. Not wanting to rule anyone out, she expresses her love for classic rap music, naming No Limit, Master P, and Biggie as just some of her favorites. Deprina doesn’t hate on new artists though. She likes introducing a mix of modern rap into her show, and taking a look at how the genre has changed throughout the decades. She knows that while some people believe hip-hop has died, there’s no denying that 2 Chainz is putting out some great workout music.

And while listeners will definitely hear some music they can twerk to on the show, ‘The Pri Party’ is more than just party music. Godboldo is extremely passionate about the history of music, and often dedicates her shows to certain sub-genres such as the Miami Bass period.  Deprina is entranced by the way music can make someone feel, knowing that it can literally change a person’s life. One of the major goals of ‘The Pri Party’ is to get listeners to learn about the actual history of the music they’re listening to and to build a specific connection to music they claim to love.

Make sure to check out ‘The Pri Party’ on Bulls Radio every Saturday night at 10PM. And for an hour of old school hip-hop, make sure to tune in to ‘The Pri Party’s sister show, ‘The Get Down’, every Thursday at 6PM.

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