Show Host of the Week: Rachel Rowan

Bulls Radio Show Host Rachel Rowan describes her show, Afternoon Delight, as her “Baby Brain Child”.  The now one year-old show originally began as a platform for Rachel to give her take on the news a comedic spin, inspired by comedians such as John Oliver and John Stewart. After time however she realized it can be a bummer to report sad news, and decided to change her format.

Rowan began attending local comedy shows, and even stepping up to the mic herself. As she met more local comedians she began to bring them on as guests, where she quickly fell into a groove reporting on the “awkward”, “weird”, and “interesting”.

When asked to name some of her favorite comedians, Rowan can’t narrow down her list. Throwing out names such as Robin Williams, Louis CK, and Chris Rock as just a few of her favorites – Rachel reveals she has an admiration for anyone who even attempts comedy. So much so, she can’t even name a comedian she disrespects, she explains that even the worst comedian is going to have something funny. Noting laughing as the one thing she needs to live, she’s grateful for anyone who tries to make the world a funnier place.

Rowan just wants to make people laugh. She explains that the world is always going to be full of depressing stuff, but “The Afternoon Delight” will be there to lighten the mood every Friday at 5PM.  So take a listen, and give local comedy a chance.

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